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Don't get too upset, we are relocating from Sydney to Queensland!

What does this mean for you?

Well, we need to close down in order to move so at this stage, all orders placed between Monday the 5th July 2021 and Saturday the 17th of July 2021 will not be leaving us until Wednesday 21st July 2021.

After this date, our website will state all items are out of stock until we have made the move and are ready to begin taking orders again. We will keep you posted on this date via our social pages (Facebook and Instagram) as well as here on our website.

COVID border restrictions may put a dampening on our moving and reopening times and dates but we will keep you as posted as we possibly can.

If you need to order before we close, please do so ASAP.

If something is showing as out of stock, we will do our best to keep baking as much as possible before we close and will update the stock numbers as we bake.

If you need to add something to your current order, please use the word COMBINE in the coupon section of your new order.

Please note - if COMBINE is used on orders without another order to combine it with, your order will be refunded without warning. I apologise in advance for this however it is our last send out and it is not possible to organise another delivery before we move.

Please ignore all delivery information on our website. The information provided is "the norm" however during this move and lockdown period, nothing is "the norm".

If you need a question answered, please reach out to us at info@palenafresh.com.au and we'll do our best to answer it for you.

So much love!

Mel xx

Palena Fresh

Sesame Seed Buns

I love love love these buns! I can eat it knowing it only has 2g carbs

Shop Sesame Seed Bun - 3 Pack ($14.00)

Jacci Young

Lasagne Sheets

Just tried these, they are fantastic!!

Shop Lasagne Sheets - 8 Sheet Pack ($14.00)



These little cheesy-mites are the absolute bomb! Could just live off these alone they are so good!

Shop Cheesey-Mites - 6 Pack ($14.50)

Natalie Thomson

Low Carb Lasagne

We absolutely love this lasagne!!! It looks and tastes like real high carb lasagne. For a treat, order some of the garlic bread to have with it. Who thought that we would be able to enjoy lasagne and garlic bread on a KETO diet!! Thanks so much!

Shop Low Carb Lasagne ($28.00-$50.00)

Marrissa Kris

Crispy Bacon & Maple Bagel

Was the most delicious low carb treat. I was content after just one!

Shop Crispy Bacon & Maple Bagel - 3 Pack ($18.00)

Bobbie W

Shipping - Delivery Areas

We currently only ship to the metro areas of 

 Sydney - Brisbane - Melbourne - South Australia

If you are outside of these areas, please contact us for "dry goods" shipping rates.

Please view our 'Shipping Policy' for further information, or 'Contact Us' to enquire about your postcode if it is not accepted on the website.