• True KETO. Diabetic Friendly. Gluten Free. Sugar Free.

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Our Mission: To leave modern day disease, in the past.

We make real food by hand, without the BS.

No Grains* | No Starches | No Sugar | No Legumes* | No Seed Oils

Because that's what Keto is about.

Suitable for all inflammatory disease managment including Epilepsy, Diabetes, PCOS, Obesity, IBS, Celiac & more.

*Vegemite Scrolls contain Vegemite which is not gluten free & Peanut butter Cheesecake contains peanuts which is a legume*





Low Carb Lasagne

We absolutely love this lasagne!!! It looks and tastes like real high carb lasagne. For a treat, order some of the garlic bread to have with it. Who thought that we would be able to enjoy lasagne and garlic bread on a KETO diet!! Thanks so much!

Shop Low Carb Lasagne

Marrissa Kris

Sesame Seed Buns

I love love love these buns! I can eat it knowing it only has 2g carbs

Shop Sesame Seed Bun - 3 Pack

Jacci Young

Sausage Rolls

Just tried these, they are fantastic!!

Shop Grass Fed Sausage Roll



These little cheesy-mites are the absolute bomb! Could just live off these alone they are so good!

Shop Cheesey-Mites - 6 Pack

Natalie Thomson

Single Serve Cheesecakes

Thank god for these! All the flavours keep me guessing my favourite!

Shop Single Serves

Jo Dalley