fade-leftfade-rightWe use nothing other than fresh ingredients, from the farm and a little Australian olive oil"- PALENA FRESH


At Palena Fresh, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients for our products. Did you know that over 80% of products on supermarket shelves contain added sugar and preservatives? Well we can promise you, you wont find any in our products. Nothing but fresh, real ingredients. Just have a look at our ingredients list on the pack!


With the handy pop-out-cube design, adding flavour to your dish couldn’t be easier. Each cube is a portion size which means no more need for guess work. Our products allow you to simply enjoy the taste and create something extra special no matter the cuisine. From italian, asian or your grandmas favourite recipe, we’ve got you covered.


Every last cube packs a punch of preservative free flavour. The cube trays stack neatly in your freezer & can last up to two years. Of course let’s be honest though, our favourite part is that there isn’t any chopping, washing, peeling or preparing. No mess. No fuss!! Each tray has 24 cubes and if you’re a flavour lover like us, 2 cubes for a 4 person meal gives you 12 dishes in each tray.

Get Me In Your Freezer