About Us

Palena Fresh - Online Bakery

At Palena Fresh we have a strong belief in the power of home cooked, healthy, family friendly foods. We place a lot of emphasis on our products being 100% preservative free, gluten free and diabetic friendly. Perfect for you and your loved ones.

Mel Horvat, flanked by a dedicated team, is the creator of Palena Fresh. After working for many years, consulting for head chefs and restaurants, Mel realised that both commercial kitchens and family fridges alike, were filled with overly processed, overly packaged, preservative filled products.

It was then that she decided it was time to change the world of 'healthy cooking'...

Hence, Palena Fresh was born. All of our products are gluten free, grain free, sugar free, preservative free, all natural, KETO & diabetic friendly. 

As a team, it is our goal to help people who need to be on a low carb diet for medicinal reasons such as diabetes, epilepsy or other types of inflammatory diseases.

We cater to people who have no choice but to eat anti inflammatory foods such as grains, starches, legumes.

Mel's knowledge for not only the food industry, but also the KETO and low carb lifestyle, combined with her passion to help people - drove her to create an ever growing range of products unrivalled in the current market.

Palena Fresh is now on a mission to recreate as many convenient, packaged things as we can, by changing the way products are packaged and stored. Most of the time, there isn’t a need to add preservatives, the storage just needs a little tweaking!

Why Opt for Palena Fresh?

Here's why we are great at what we do!

- Our products are chock full of high quality, natural ingredients. No fillers!

- We avoid preservatives that are only used to make 'Shelf Stable' products. While bigger companies do this in order to mass produce items at a cheaper rate, at Palena Fresh, we believe in small batches, high quality ingredients and make our products (such as our delicious bread rolls) fresh to order and deliver with frozen couriers.

- We don't believe in products having a 6 month shelf life! It is not natural for bread rolls to last months, the only way bigger companies can achieve this, is with preservatives and sterilising them. Instead, we opt to go preservative free and bake on order. We then use frozen couriers to deliver your goods. 

- We love flavour! Never miss out on your favourite foods again!

Fresh | Frozen Herb Collection

Palena Fresh is very proud to introduce our new signature range of freshly frozen: garlic, ginger, chilli and herbs, that are full of flavour without any nasties. Stack them neatly in your freezer and pop a cube or two straight into your pot for real flavour, without the mess or waste!

We are continually expanding our range and are pretty in love with these trays of pure frozen goodness!

Ready to spice up your next meal?


 x Mel