Keto Pulled Pork Soft Tacos

Tacos are just that easy and the fillings to use are an endless possibility, however, considering i've just posted my recipe for a super easy pulled pork, i thought i better post something to use it with! 

Fish tacos are another favourite of mine so I might have to do a recipe for those too.

You'll need- 

200g (ish) Mel Pea's Pulled Pork 

1x Pack of Palena Fresh Pita Bread 

1x Ripe Avo

1x Fresh Lime

1x small handful of crushed pistachios

100g Sour Cream

Fresh Coriander (optional for those weirdos who don't like coriander)

1/4 teaspoon of Pink Salt 


Peel and deseed your avo and mush it in a bowl with a squeeze of lime, pistachios and salt.

Heat up some of my Pulled Pork. 

Warm up a Pita by zapping it in the microwave or putting it direct onto your gas burner for a couple of seconds each side. 

Smother your Pita with a little (or a lot, no judgment) of both your avo mix and sour cream.

Pop on some warm pork and garnish with a few sprig of coriander and a burst of lime juice if you're feeling fancy!


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