Mel Pea's Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is one of my mans favourites and now that I am writing about it, I feel slightly bad that I haven't made it for him in such a long time.... oops haha

It's so versatile to have in your fridge and is actually quite easy to make a heap, portion and freeze to use in so many quick dinner meals.

What you'll need-

1x good piece of pig air-s (also know as the Boston Butt, Costco usually sell these) 

100ml Olive Oil

100g Garlic Powder

2 cups of Hot Water

Pink Salt & Cracked Pepper

Optional -

2x Diced Brown Onions

500g Tomato Paste

A good dash of Worcestershire Sauce

Now, you're going to pre-heat your oven to about 180°C

Get your pigs air-s and give it a good rub with the olive oil. 

Then you're going to completely coat it with the garlic powder, so now its wearing a garlic jacket. 

In a bowl, mix together the tomato paste, diced onion, Worcestershire and water.  

Pop the Garlic Jacket wearing, Pig Air-s into a deep oven dish and pour the onion-y sauce over it. 

If you choose to not add the sauce, just pop it in the oven dish but leave out the water for now.

Place this tray into the oven for half an hour, to allow some caramelisational (my new word) colours to appear on the pork. Once you've got a good colour, drop the heat down to 130°C and let it sun bake in the oven for about 5 hours. I prefer to cover the pork with a foil cover at this point, while its cooking, to stop the spices from burning, however leave a small corner of foil uncovered. 

If you've gone for leaving out the sauce, this is the time to add the water to the pan.

Once our 5 hours are up, pull the pan out of the oven and let it chill there for 10 minutes to rest. 

Then grab 2 forks and start pulling away!

Mix the pulled pork in with the pan juices, whether you've gone for the optional sauce or just water, and let the pork soak up all its goodness. 

Check the seasoning and if needed, add salt and black pepper!


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Hi Mel
Are you able to do this in a slow cooker? Would the time be the same … 5 hours on low

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