Cookie - Plain - Dry Mix

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Fresh Cookies, Right outta the oven!

You'll just need to burn a little butter, mix it together with our dry mix and 1 egg, shape them into a cookie and bake!

If you want to add any type of flavour, such as choc chip... as always, you know you can!

This mix will make you 6-10 cookies, depending on how you like them.

If you want a soft, chewy cookie... you'll make them a little larger. 

If you want a firm biscuit, you'll make them a little thinner.  


Almond, Melvia, Baking Powder, Salt, WPI, Xanthan Gum.

Plain Cookie - 0.93g Carbs per 100g

If you add 10 chopped up Melk Melts or just under half a block of chopped Melk Bar your carb amount will be;

Choc Chip Cookie - 1.1g Carbs per 100g