What's going on with the prices 2023

The rising cost of living across Australia presents yet another challenge for families and individuals trying to make ends meet - this time it's in the form of food prices. 

The average food price increase across Australia hit 9.5% however the products with the highest increases just so happen to be the ingredients we use the most of.

We like to be as clear as we possibly can be so we have complied a list of our most used ingredients and how much they have increased by to give you a better understanding of our situation;


Butter - increased by $8.50 per kg

Cream - increased by $2.97 per Litre

Cheese - increased by $3.58 per kg

Cream Cheese - increased by 2.55 per kg

Sour Cream - increased by $4.60 per kg

Almond Meal - increased by $8.58 per kg

Baking Powder - increased by $6.50 per kg

Berries - increased by $10-$65 per kg

Xanthan Gum - increased by $45 per kg

Egg - increased by $3.50 per kg

Protein Powders - increased by $12 per kg

On top of these food price increases, the cost of moving freight has also had a huge impact on both our incoming and outgoing deliveries. 

Our outgoing deliveries have increased by 15%-110% depending on the area, with an additional Fuel levy that normally sits at about 7%, now sitting at 39.5%-42.5%.

Lets not even start on the increase of power...

We have genuinely tried to wear as many costs increases as we possibly can because it is heart breaking for us to charge you more however there is times that we cannot possibly hold any more increases and need to pass them on. 

We don't know how long these prices will take to come back down to a more normal price but we can tell you that when they do, we will adjust our prices accordingly with the decreases. We want to be the best and most affordable place to get quality keto products and will always strive to be. 

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