Ginger Tray

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Frozen Herb Cubes - Fresh Ginger.

Special Offer: Buy 5 or more trays from our Frozen Herb Collection to receive 1 FREE!

Crushed Ginger  1 cube = 1 teaspoon.

Feel like a bit of Thai food tonight? We’ve got your ginger covered!

Ginger is a pretty flavoursome kitchen buddy and we’ve peeled and crushed it all up for you, all ready to pop straight into your cooking (or lemon ginger tea). You’re welcome!

Simply pull your tray out of the freezer and pop a cube or two straight into your pot, pan, marinate, microwaved meal or tea and mix it up. Return the tray to the freezer, ready to use for your next meal.

Frozen Herb Cubes - Ingredients:

100% Ginger