Celeriac Purée - 400g

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You bring the steak or pan seared Scollops or grilled and sliced chicken thigh or whatever you want to pair up with this fancy ass purée! 

Celeriac Purée is a little bit like liquid gold. 

It’s the perfect substitute to mashed potato and just that little bit more exciting than Caulie mash.

Celeriac is the root of Celery. Made into a Puree it taste like a thin mashed potato with a hint of celery salt. It's Effing delish. Just trust me. 

This is (expensive, I know) priced cheaper than it should be because I don't have the heart to let you pay so much. 

If you want to try it, Buy it now because if it goes back online after this batch, it will be sold at the correct price. (I'm sorry)