Mel Pea's Keto Crostini's

Being low carb for some time, you tend to miss that crunchy texture in a lot of things. You'll often find your self searching for something to accompany your dip and nothing quite gives you the satisfaction when you've got no crunch.

You tried seed crackers and they filled the hole for a little while, but now your done with them and rightfully so!

(sorry to those people that genuinely enjoys seed crackers, but I ain't one of them!)

Here is how to make the perfect Crostini's, using nothing than our Bagels or Dinner Rolls & a little olive oil. 

First, you're going to pre heat your oven at about 110°C.

Then your going to slice your Dinner Roll or Bagel, depending on what you're using into 1/2cm rounds. 

Place them onto a lined oven tray, so they aren't overlapping, and drizzle a little olive oil over them. 

You can also get creative and add some seasoning, whether it be just salt, garlic powder, black pepper, whatever your mind can ponder! 

Pop them into the oven for about 15 minutes or until they are crunchy AF.

These store really well in an air tight container and if they happen to go stale, just pop them back in the oven to refresh them!

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